Current objectives:

20/26 99s obtained.
Wherein I attempt to get a max cape without killing myself
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I was pretty narrow-minded on what to train on pre-eoc. I killed 34k dust devils for 99 attack, str and hp and also have 11 cockatrice heads all from training range and melee.

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Giving up on Araxxor



I just want my 1 kill for Reaper title and I’m out. Tunnel 3 is by far easiest but I seriously cannot see myself killing this for all 4 parts of a weapon. Araxxi is some major bullshit and has the learning curve of a vertical wall.

The learning curve isn’t that bad. Phase 1,2 and 3 are a joke once you know what to do. Only thing I find that seems to be a universal problem is the tanktestshitfest that is p4. Other than that it’s simply knowing the mechanics and you’re good, I’ve been killing it with t80 weapons and I’d say it’s probably similar to soloing nex in terms of difficulty. (Also do arraxor kills even count for the reaper title before it comes out?)

It does and as I said, Araxxi has a stupid learning curve, but I agree, once you have the method down you can do it with more efficiency, just a shame that each time you kill it, it offloads more DPS on you next attempt.

What is the "altbands" nerf?

I’ll post this to the tag as no doubt others are curious too. There’s been talk that you will have to physically deal damage yourself and win the kill to get the warbands loot from someone, so not dying to skeletons/outside of wildy